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Vacancy details

Ref 23408
Vacancy Retail Production Planner
Category Planning
Location Queenslie
Closing Date Ongoing


  • Monday-Friday, hours negotiable
  • Permanent

Principal Job Purpose:

  1. To work as part of the operations team to produce products that are supplied in full and on time in the most cost-effective manner.
  2. To plan and schedule short, medium, and long-term production volumes based on customers’ orders and forecasts, commercial requests, and make-to-stock (MTS) requirements.   Create and manage a Master Production Schedule (MPS).
  3. To develop an operational supply capacity plan.   Use this plan to highlight issues related to demand requirements, capacity shortfalls, etc. to enable actions to be put in place at the earliest opportunity.
  4. To develop and manage planning and scheduling performance reports to identify opportunities for improvement.   To contribute to projects that will realise these opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collate all commercial production requests.   These include fresh and frozen, retail and food service, confirmed and forecasted, and potential future opportunities. Present all inputs onto a single, visual Master Production Schedule (MPS). Update this as changes to demand are communicated.
  • Work closely with the raw material planners and ingredient and packaging buyers to ensure a "joined up" approach is in place throughout the full supply chain.
  • Develop a Rough-Cut-Capacity-Plan (RCCP) using standard line/product speeds and efficiencies.   Use the RCCP to highlight high-level surplus or shortfall in capability to allow appropriate actions to be implemented by the operations team.
  • Manage finished product stocks and inventory levels, and adjust production schedules as necessary to minimise losses.
  • Optimise product workflows that consider product specifications, good manufacturing practices, and despatch requirements.
  • Ascertain labour and equipment needs to cover production demand, assign resources to operations, and schedule shifts to meet production needs.
  • Collaborate with the operations management team to ensure optimum productivity and the timely completion of orders.
  • Support the resolution of supply-related issues such as shortages, capacity shortfalls, and production delays that influence delivery or service levels.
  • Create and deliver production status metrics to aid effective decision-making within the organisation.
  • Be a key contributor to the site operations team, highlight areas for improvement, and participate in continuous improvement activities.


  • Working within a fast-paced manufacturing environment.   
  • An ability to respond to competing, and often urgent, demands while remaining professional and not compromising on the quality of work produced.
  • A high level of numeracy and a background in working with systems and numbers.   Competent across the range of MS applications, familiar with creating and working with Excel spreadsheets.
  • An understanding of production operations, quality systems, standard ways of working, and continuous improvement/lean methodologies.   Practical experience in production planning, resource management, forecasting, scheduling, and inventory control.

Key Success Criteria/Outcomes for Role:

  • Full visibility of all short, medium, and long-term known or predicted demands by product.
  • An accurate, well-maintained capacity plan for the site, used to highlight supply conflicts.
  • Minimal product losses resulting from excess production or poor stock control.
  • Service levels that exceed customer expectations.
  •  The efficient use of both permanent and temporary labour resources.

Additional Competencies:

A personal style and way of working including:

  • Comfortable working within an industrial environment and is prepared to challenge the status quo in order to deliver improvements within their area of responsibility.
  • Outgoing in nature with good communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Highly accurate and takes pride in doing a good job and paying attention to detail.
  • Financially aware and understands the need to challenge costs wherever possible.
  • Comfortable working at all levels of a business and can interact with many different areas, departments and individuals.