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Our philosophy “traceability, integrity, and accountability” is key to our procurement protocols.

At Scotbeef, our agricultural team is solely responsible for ensuring that the needs and aspirations of the retail sector are relayed to and realised by our farmers. 
The team is divided into 2 major departments:

  1. Procurement Team
  2. Livestock Liaison Team

Procurement Team

  • Works closely with our farming partners developing day-by-day trust and strong-lasting relationships.
  • Strategically located throughout the UK, optimising regional sourcing potential.
  • Robust communications, ensuring producer awareness of consumer aspirations.
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Livestock Liaison Team

On a daily basis, our own team of auditors visits farms to ensure that all existing and potential suppliers have farming systems and practices which comply with the standards required to suffice our BeefTrack®  and 
LambTrack® specifications.

  • Has been in place for nearly 30 years
  • Audits the farms: responsible for inspecting farms to ensure compliance with Animal Welfare and Environmental Codes of Practice.
  • Feedbacks and benchmarks animal status to our farmers through our in-house ​​​BeefTrack® and LambTrack® systems.
  • Ensures our customers' specifications and codes of practices are understood, acknowledged, and actioned throughout the chain from pasture to plate.
  • Works closely with Scientific Research partners ensuring we are at the forefront of welfare & industry standards.