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BeefTrack® and LambTrack®

Our unique in-house traceability system offers us a robust and comprehensive method of tracing livestock from pasture to plate.

Accessible both in-house and by our livestock producers our BeefTrack® and LambTrack® system gives us the ability to “know” our supply base enabling us to adopt a pro-active approach to industry issues and incentives.

  • Automated movement and food chain information documents.
  • Carcass performance data
  • Passport verification pre and post slaughter
  • Detailed animal feed regimes
  • Performance bench-marking
  • Robust DNA sampling data collection and analysis
  • Individual animal traceability
  • Individual producer identification detailing farming systems, practices and standards
  • Correlation and authentication of Aberdeen Angus sire identifications
  • Generation of individual carcass labelling linked to specific retailer specifications
  • Generation of individual primal identification