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As a business we pride ourselves on the close association and working relationship we have with our grass-root producers.

As the business has evolved, with logistically placed processing facilities throughout Scotland and Northern England, our supply chain has increased to facilitate our customer requirements.

Pioneering traceability in the 1990’s has been the “back-bone” to our success, with the combination of technology and traditions we launched our Livestock Identification and Performance website at the turn of the century:

This bespoke system designed by our company has streamlined traceability from pasture to plate.


Renowned for procuring only quality stock led Scotbeef to identify a niche market for branded produce they launched “Aberdeen Angus” beef into the retail sector, this recognised quality product has gone from strength to strength with Scotbeef now acknowledged as one of the largest procurers of Aberdeen Angus cattle in the UK.

Our philosophy “traceability, integrity and accountability” is key to our procurement protocols. Only stock from Quality Assured farms are processed through our facilities, farmers must be registered with our online system which gives us a basic understand of their farming practices and a member of our agricultural team visits each farming business.

At Scotbeef we are renowned for being fair and honest and we expect our farmer suppliers to be of like mind, operating an open door policy for the better good of our industry.

  • Loyal, trustworthy and honest staff working to build strong lasting relationships with our supplier base.
  • Strategically located procurement staff throughout the UK, optimising regional sourcing potential.
  • Robust communications, ensuring producer awareness of consumer aspirations.

Agricultural Development

In the 1990’s Scotbeef recognised the need for an agricultural development team, responsible for liaising between our retail customers and our grass-root suppliers.  The team are solely responsible for ensuring the needs and aspirations of the retail sector are relayed to and realised by our farmers.  On a daily basis our team of auditors visit farms to ensure that all existing and potential suppliers have farming systems and practices which comply with the standards required to suffice our BeefTrack® and LambTrack® specifications.

  • Farm Auditing: responsible for inspecting farms to ensure compliance with Animal Welfare and Environmental Codes of Practice are adhered to.
  • Maintaining and Developing our in-house BeefTrack® and LambTrack® systems.
  • Ensuring our customers specifications and codes of practices are understood, acknowledged and actioned throughout the chain from pasture to plate.
  • Implementing customer and industry initiatives at grass-roots level.
  • Implementing key industry projects: eating quality, animal health and livestock feed regimes.