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Food Safety and high product quality, throughout the food chain is Scotbeef's priority.

Overseen by it's Technical management and team, Scotbeef ensures that food safety and quality is  pre-eminent throughout the company, ensuring compliance with food safety legislation. Scotbeef employs a robust Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) which runs along our own internal identification system BeefTrack and LambTrack, allowing full traceability from farm through the food chain.

The technical systems are audited regularly by independent auditors to certify beef labelling regulations and  individual customer specifications.




Scotbeef prides itself on it's Quality and places it at the heart of the company values. Quality is driven through  the chain from raw material to consumer experience, by implementing the highest of Standard Operation Procedures, implementation of technical innovation and knowledge.

  • Procuring the best quality livestock that have been reared with the highest animal welfare standards.
  • Handled and moved through the lairage to race in a calm and sympathetic manner by Welfare trained staff.
  • Low Voltage, H bone Hung, Considerate Chilling Practices, PH monitoring to ensure high consistency of tender meat.
  • minimum of 7 day dry ageing for all cuts - to 21 day- 35 day for high value cuts , to improve texture quality and flavour enhancement.
  • Vacuum Packing  for effective maturation processing.
  • Skilled butchery.
  • Innovative and inspiring development team to create added value to products.
  • Innovative retail packaging to preserve the quality for the consumer.
  • Consumer experience -clear instructions on best practice to cook and serve.

Camden Accredited on-site Lab

Queenslie hosts it's own Camden Accredited Lab for in house micro testing.